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what can an SMA membership do for you?

  • Are you concerned about the high level of taxation in Connecticut?
  • Do you wonder how to deal with current regulations?
  • Are you concerned about how to replace your skilled workforce as they leave the workplace?

Top Ten Reasons to Join the SMA:

  1. Great opportunity to connect with other owners of manufacturing companies
  2. Hear from industry leaders as to government funding and subsidy opportunities
  3. Have your voice heard by our legislators in Hartford
  4. Connect with Legal, Banking, and Accounting members who specialize in working with manufacturers
  5. Opportunity to groom and grow the future leaders of your company
  6. Attend a really fun golf outing that sells out every year
  7. Monthly meetings that will address timely issues impacting manufacturing
  8. Make new connections with suppliers and customers
  9. Find out how best to attract the talent you need and grow your workforce

And the number 1 reason you should join is ….

The SMA is like a great big family, eager to offer new members a seat at our table.

SMA on legislative issues

SMA is an active participant in the Connecticut Manufacturers Collaborative (CMC) which is made up of 9 manufacturing associations.  Together, we advocate for all things manufacturing related.  As part of the CMC, we retain a lobbyist to represent us in the CT state legislature.  Statehouse Partners reports on and follows any legislation the CMC deems important and assists members of all the organizations, including SMA, who wish to testify on important matters.

SMA supports workforce development

Let’s face it, regardless of the economy, the search for skilled employees is a challenge. The SMA supports educational efforts at the Advanced Manufacturing Center at Naugatuck Valley Community College which trains people in CNC equipment, lean manufacturing, and welding. We work with W.F. Kaynor, Wilcox, and Oliver Wolcott Technical Schools on various projects, as well as Waterbury Career Academy. The SMA recognizes a talented “Student of the Month” from each school at our monthly meetings.

SMA offers valuable programing

Meeting other business owners like yourself is a great way to learn what others are doing to expand their business or provide services to your company. Getting to know people will build the trust needed to expand your business relationships. Our programs offer you and your staff insight into marketing, government regulations, lean manufacturing, and leadership.

For additional information contact Nancy Traver, SMA Membership Chair at 203.592.6442 or via email at ntraver@traveridc.com.

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