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240 E Aurora St Waterbury CT 06721 Work Phone: (203) 753-4146 Work Fax: (203) 753-9617 Website:
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“Over the years, Albert Bros., Inc. and all of our employees have shared the same recycling mission of creating an enduring a lasting recycling company.

We have seen our business grow because of our hard work, strong relationships with our customers and our community and a vision of how we believe a company should operate.

Even amidst today’s economic turmoil, Albert Bros. remains incredibly optimistic about its future. Scrap metal recycling is here to stay and Albert Bros. is passionate about the role they can play in helping to conserve resources for future generations while making our community a better place to live and work.

Albert Bros.’ employees, customers, suppliers and business associates know from experience that we honor our commitments and we stand behind everything we do.

Our resources and capabilities have allowed us to become one of the largest scrap metal companies in New England.”


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