SMA 3-Year Strategic Plan 2018-2020

Goal #1 – Expand membership & Promote Association

  • Set initial goal of recruiting a percentage of manufacturing members each year while exploring new membership around geographic location of the schools/students we support (Kaynor/OWT/Wilcox/WCC/NVCC)
  • Continue to expand meeting locations outside of Watertown Golf Club, paying attention to towns where we have SMA members
  • Continue to stress meetings as program driven events to help members succeed
  • Consistently analyze the demographics of our membership and develop data of our geographic area manufacturers to use as a viable member recruitment tool

Goal #2 – Sustain the SMA Board of Directors & Develop Committees

  • Analyze committees and committee work to see what is currently effective
  • Market committees and recruitment at a couple monthly meetings with tables and promotions during networking times
  • Add a monthly email that gives a committee update, so members know how the SMA is working for them

Goal #3 – Increase fundraising efforts for sustainability

  • Expand opportunities for member companies to sponsor student outreach (Student of the Month/Year program) at meetings
  • Investigate feasibility of adding revenue through sponsorship steams in events in addition to golf outing. Look into cost saving measures like self-funding scholarship into perpetuity, and investment opportunities to grow savings.
  • Evaluate the timing of our member “ask” separating our biggest events (membership dues and golf outing) making it easier for members to contribute in intervals between donations

Goal #4 – Name and Brand of the SMA

  • Evaluate the pros and cons of the name of the organization
  • Educate people on what “Smaller” means as the lead in our name
  • Compile data on CT manufacturers and their size

Goal #5 – Transition Executive Director position from Part time to Full time

  • Evaluate the value of making ED position full time
  • Review Budget and By-laws to see if change can be made
  • Convene Executive Board to draw up proposal to give to board on recommendations

Download the SMA 3-year Strategic Plan

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